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What’s it about?

Lost In Transit

Well, it’s a compilation of some short stories. Its a little different from usual because, Lost In Transit isn’t about people who have tried and persist nor is it about those who have battled and emerged victorious, setting bold examples for the left over majority.
This is about those of us who find themselves constantly entangled in the large web of daily life complexities. Those of us who wake up every morning with the threads of last nights restlessness still tying them to their failures. Those who struggle to adopt the mantra of new day new beginnings,  for their disappointments still seem to shadow their bright new beginnings.

Lost in transit doesn’t represent any particular set of people demarcated by their personalities, choices, decisions or destinies. Nor does it speak of people who are a part of something important or who have been through harrowing life changing experiences. It is about those of us who have lost a part of who they were in this ever going metamorphosis called life.  Not a soul escapes the harsh realities of life unscathed. Facing challenges, battling life we have all lost a part of us sometime, somewhere.

Its about those of us trapped in the unending quest to find the true meaning of life, to make sense of things around them, to find out where their place really lies. Whether it is as a part of the crowd or whether they are destined to stand out, would walking and going on make them meet their destiny or does destiny happen no matter what? Running everyday in the same circles, repeating your routines over and over again in the hopes of just accidentally colliding with something new something meaningful something beautiful.

Entrapped by our own fears, our doubts, our shortcomings, our failures we have all lost a part of our soul somewhere, a part of who we are. Those are strong who pick up the broken pieces of their self arrange them and move on, but what about those who do not understand the pattern, the arrangement, the correct order to put these broken pieces together, who are lost someplace so dark so disdain that they can’t identify themselves in any of these pieces anymore. A soul crushed in so many pieces that you can’t identify even one of them as your own.

Lost in Transit is every soul that has tried to move on, attempted to change, sought transition but done this not without losing themselves! Lost in Transit are all those who have ever in their lives given up some shred of their existence unwillingly, battling with life, answering people around them, trying to discover their own selves and in the process Lost!


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