Crazy Cabbie Gets New Meaning


Whether you are in New York or New Delhi am sure every once in a while you must have encountered a crazy cab / auto driver here or there. Someone just too rude, or adamant or trying to over charge you, maybe even some pervs and thugs. But a latest prank by part time cab driver cum comedian James Falia takes “Crazy Cabbie” to a whole new level! This guy calls himself a comedian & his idea of pulling a prank is to put an actual, giant, and mind you SCARY Snake in the cab with his passengers. I understand satire, sarcasm & even some disgusting but harmless pranks like putting shit like substance on your room mates bed as comedy but this. Whoa! seems more of an invitation to heart attacks & lawsuits. Think of the poor people in that backseat, was someone a claustrophobic? I dont know but surely anybody would be scared of being trapped with a giant snake in a car.

Hope “comedian” James Falia gets a lesson out of it someway rather than encouragement. In the meanwhile for the curious minds here’s that vile video:





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