Sunny Leone: The Unacceptable Acceptable

400px-Sunny_Leone_2012Mera Bharat Mahan. This well might be the first time its coming from me, but I quite believe it now. I had always heard/read/observed that India is a land of forgiveness, we Indians are great forgivers. Be it our corrupt Politicians, Sly Bureaucrats, Regional and Religious Intolerance, we get over things with much ease and little effort. Partly of course because integrally we are a strong people, its not all bad you see, but mostly because we are rather submissive beings. We as a nation give into things too easy I guess. You can sugar quote it and call it our “adjusting nature” or a lineage of great forgivers. We did after all put up with a 100 years of British Raj. We have an inbuilt tendency to Accept the Unacceptable. The Unacceptable I talk about today is very close to the hearts of a lot of Indian men: Sunny Leone- A penthouse model turned porn star turned actress who is currently a hot favorite of Indians. We all know about the behind the scenes dirty action in Bollywood, about how sex is used to sell movies, women are objectified and unnecessary item numbers are used to promote films, but getting a porn star into Bollywood, that’s a new low even for us. Absolutely outrageous! It hurts my sensibilities beyond anything else. Basically our film makers are saying that all Indians deep down think about and want to see is a Sex Sleaze Fest! That the Indian Masses are a lot of half wit, frustrated sleaze bags for whom the only form of entertainment is SEX;  that we are not even a moral society let alone an educated one! That we are ok with our teenagers learning that selling out your bodies, and using them as sex objects instead of working on your talent to earn money and fame is good!

Whats more surprising is that we actually supported this notion, proving true the above assumptions. Jism2 collected almost half as much as Gunday on Box Office & Raginni MMS2 almost half as much as Two States. About Half of us who opted to watch Gunday & Two States showed interest in Sunny Leone Starers.

Most people would express that they condone this and think of it as immoral, distasteful, vulgar, etc. I also see groups like Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal etc. who vehemently oppose this. There have also been PILs against this. Yet no action was taken. I don’t know what the people at censor board are doing, but certainly not their job. Is this the example we are setting for ourselves and generations to come?

The actress in discussion here entered Bollywood with bold statements of wanting to change her image like, “Making people realize that even I am a person and I don’t get on the table and remove clothes “. But did that really happen? TOI reports differently: Recently, pictures of a topless Sunny Leone performing at a party went viral on the Internet, with some papers claiming that they had been clicked on April 18, 2014 at a party hosted by a diamond merchant near the Mumbai-Pune highway. She was reportedly paid Rs 40 lakh to make a risque appearance. Whether the pictures are of now or 2012 is still unclear, but the message they send is very obvious: Nudity & Sex Pay. And when this message is being broadcasted by a public figure, especially a Bollywood actress it becomes more impactful. Stripping for money is illegal in India, I wonder how has the woman managed to avoid any legal action! Is the Indian Police Department a fan too? We see a lot of moral policing around with teenagers being arrested in parks or parking lots, are Sunny Leone and her admirers beyond the law? Its a rather revolting scenario here. Apparently film stars or in this case porn stars have some special kind of immunity.

Mera Bharat is indeed “Mahan”, on one side we chastise women if they have boyfriends or pre marital sexual relationships while on the other we are very happy to pay certain women to promote just this. I would call it a paradox had I not seen the true hypocrisy of our nation. The fact is that we adjust our morals as per our convenience. We simply bend over and let the Golden Doll take it from us!

Apart from all this criticism and badgering I must admit that the woman sure does know how to make money. The Indian viewer (especially male) has been a puppet to this woman’s fancies.


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