Moving out of the Normal!


Moving out of the Normal!

What is Normal? The dictionary says it means “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected”. 
Expected? Really? Do you expect running out of luck some day and being run down by a truck? Do you expect being ousted or left alone simply because you are different? Do you expect ever to love somebody with whatever you have got and then being sidelined by that person? Do you expect to have a corrupt government?
Do you??
No we don’t. Today, The very definition of Normal is not Normal! It’s complicated. In today’s life normal is complicated. Ordinary people like you and me we expect a peaceful life, with quality education, a safe home, nice job and a loving family. But do we really get it? No we don’t something or the other is always missing. Normal lacks. Normal lacks maybe a comfortable house, a nice paying job, or good health or a loving partner. What we need today isn’t a normal life. What we need is to move out of the idea of normal. Move out and understand how dynamic life is, how unexpected and random and sometimes blunt and crude things & people are. How normal is only a myth, an old housewife’s tale. Reality today is drastic. Human life today is complex. We can’t expect to have honest people around us all the time, we can’t expect to work hard and get the adequate reward for it. Hell, we simply can’t expect a normal routine day without something or the other going wrong. Our lives today are so complicated that there are no fixed standards, there is no benchmark for normal. An individual cannot have a happy life without moving out of the normal; bribing officials, avoiding family to measure up to work obligations, indulging in cut throat competition sometimes even unfair, settling with someone when we clearly know that we could have done better. We have to move out of the normal to survive.


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