WDSM – Do You Practice It?

Someone’s Wife | Someone’s Daughter | Someone’s Sister | Someone’s Mother  

How about a Fellow Human Being Instead !!


Ever since the Braveheart case there has been a mass uprising. People all of a sudden have become aware of the ever declining status of women in the society. Nothing bad about us being aware, I have no  arguments against that. I am happy to see India unite for a cause. But I have another issue, a serious one at that! Every time a woman is raped, molested or eve  teased or merely just looked down upon we come up with the centuries old defense which hasn’t proved its worth over time at all – “Tumhare ghar maa behan nahi hain kya??” In other words implying that a man has to behave with a woman only because he himself might be emotionally attached to his sister / mother and wouldn’t want anyone else to treat them in a bad fashion. Do you really think a man isn’t aware of the fact that we are someone’s sister/mother? Or that reminding them of it would avert there heinous actions against us?
Am sure you know the answer.

But I have a different question to ask, one more important than the above… 
Is this all you think we are? Just someone’s Wife/Daughter/Sister/Mother? Do we not deserve to be respected and treated equally as any other Man? Or is our status in the society governed only by our association with a male? 

Think. I did and I have my answer:

WDSM is a social stigma! And it needs to be treated!

I have lived under a false pretense that this was the case only in places like Saudi. But I have been proved wrong. WDSM is as much prevalent amongst us as there. I am not talking here about any politician’s / or religious leader’s speech. I know their statements are only but a desperate attempt at instant public exposure. I am talking about us. We live and breathe this stigma, breed it and pass it down generations.

So stop, please stop treating your son better just because you think he might become your crutch in old age. Instead enable your daughter to do it. Stop telling your sons they are better (directly / indirectly), because else they will grow up believing us to be some inferior kind. And they will, yes they will, taunt, tease, molest or even rape and kill. Kill someone they have grown up believing is lesser.

This isn’t just a matter of women rights, we aren’t some down trodden cause that needs upliftment. This is about you realizing your duties towards a fellow human being, about you realizing that we are infact a fellow human being!

Stop categorizing us, pitying us. If you really want to do something then enable us! Enable us by treating us equal! We aren’t objects. We are as much flesh and blood as you are, and even more. Respect us like you do yourself. 
Like another Human Being!

2 thoughts on “WDSM – Do You Practice It?

  1. Exactly my point. Yes. We are no pet, no show dolls, no entity. We are just human beings, this whole mother sister daughter bullshit then doesn't apply for a lone woman who is none. Very very valid points up there!

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