The Red Light District of Professional Networking!

Below is an interesting excerpt from a Linkedin profile, I came across. Would love to hear your take on it:

“If you feel like you could treat yourself to something special tonight, yet you have grown tired of “Beep” Company’s usual entertainments, of pub crawls and overpriced eateries, then we have a tempting alternative for you to consider. Instead of leaving home in search of entertainment, let the entertainment be delivered to your door in shape of a young, beautiful girl.”

Well, I don’t know what form of “Entertainment” this gentleman is referring to but it certainly has a shade of grey to it. What really grasps my attention here (and also shakes, crushes & blows it out) is that the above mentioned lines are from a Linkedin profile! Yes! Its true! No, I am not just imagining stuff!

A business registered as “Beep Escorts” on Linkedin offers a variety of private, sensual entertainment experiences to its patrons. It is rather rare to come across something as bold and out there on a professional networking site but here it is. I remember reading about Hot Russian Masseuses in newspaper classifieds but this is the first time I have come across something of the nature so agonizingly outrageous yet so carefully skirting around the idea of whats right and whats not. 

Over the past couple of years Linkedin has proved to be a boon to professional networking. It has, as though opened up doors to a whole new parallel universe of sorts. It’s not only been a Holy Grail for recruiters & job seekers but has also helped many budding / small businesses to access the marketplace for better manpower & marketing. There are a plenty of unusual, new businesses & services being advertised on Linkedin: Psychics, Pet Spas, Dhabas…the list goes on…but nothing about them hits your sensibilities like “Beep Escorts” does. 

Maybe this shakes me more than it would others, as Linkedin has become an essential part of my bread and butter. But I cannot help thinking how would non recruiters feel about it? Having someone sending you add requests with this ID, or even leaving you unwanted endorsements. What disgusts me most though is sharing the cyber space with someone who calls this a real profession!

How do you feel about it?


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